Scolnik Yosef

I am an experienced researcher-both in basic and applied research.
My main strengths are in finding original solutions, and in interdisciplinary projects, where the merging of knowledge from different areas is needed.
I have a lot of experience in assembling and conducting experiments.
I am a quick learner.
As can seen in my C.V. I worked in several subjects:
-Basic Chemistry, symmetry and chirality.
-Organic preparative industrial and academic chemistry
-Use and improvement (by carbon nanotubes) of AFM in biology, research of the Nuclear Pore Complex.
-Chemistry, Physics and Electrochemistry of ceramic superconductors.
-Radiation interaction with matter, Scintillation, physics and chemistry of the organic solid state.
-Thermal batteries and solid state reactions.


Personal  Details

Name: Scolnik Yosef
Place and date of birth: Uruguay, 1951
Marital Status:  Married  + 2
Military Service:  1970 - 1973
Adress: Struma Street 15/4
           Gadera 70700  Israel
Tel: 08-8594835


1973 -1977  B.a.
  Dept. of Chemistry,
  Ben-Gurion University
  Beer Sheva , Israel

1980-1984  M.Sc.
  Dept. of Nuclear Engineering
  Ben-Gurion University
  Thesis: “Scintillation Properties of
  -Charge Transfer Crystal Complexes”

1984-1989  Ph. D.
  Dept. of Nuclear Engineering,
  Ben-Gurion University
  Thesis: “ Scintillation Properties of
  Unusual Organic Crystals”

Fellowships  Stone Fellowship
  (Weizmann Inst.,1990)

Employment  History

7/02-  Visiting  Scientist ,Organic chemist ,Biological Chemistry dept.
Weizmann Institute

Work on synthesis of organic compounds with biological activity
and physical chemistry of chirality. We recently published a revolutionary paper
changing fundamentals concepts of chemistry, with far reaching implications
in biology and universal symmetry 

1/99-  Advisor on AFM uses at the  Biological  Chemistry dept.
Weizmann Institute
Improvement of AFM for biology research

9/97-7/01  Materials Researcher, Mashal Alumina Industries .
Production of Alumina and Silica – process improvement, Morphology analysis (XRD, SEM)

4/95-4/97  Researcher at the Applied Technology Division and Propulsion Division ,Soreq N.R.C.
The project was about Thermal batteries and changes using solid state  chemistry methods

8/94-4/95   Head of Dangerous Materials Division
Central District, at the Enviroment Preservation Ministry

11/93-8/94  Visiting Scientist at the Dept. of Materials
  and Interfaces,Weizmann Institute

1/93-11/93   Research Associate at the Dept. of Materials and Interfaces,Weizmann Institute
Research of electrochemistry of cuprate superconductors

1988-93  Postdoctoral position at the Dept. of Structural 
Chemistry, Weizmann Institute

1980-88  Instructor at the Dept. of Nuclear Engineering
Ben-Gurion University

1976-80  Industrial Chemist at “Chemada”
Position: Pilot Plant Manager, Research  Chemist

In this factory I acquired an extended Industrial experience
The factory produces sophisticated Bromine organic compounds.
My duties included almost every aspect of the process:
-Reactor and production work
-Assembly of glass columns and utilities
-Analytical work
-basic Chemical research-improvement of processes
-Scaling up (Pilot plant)
I was also involved in the planning of a new factory.


For recommendations, you may ask:

- Professor Meir Shinitzki, biological chemistry department,Weizmann Institute, Rehovot Israel  Tel: 09-9342750 e-mail: כתובת דוא"ל זו מוגנת מפני spambots, יש לאפשר JavaScript על-מנת לראות את הכתובת
- Professor  Ziv Reich, Biological Chemistry Department, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot Israel Tel:08-9342982 e-mail: כתובת דוא"ל זו מוגנת מפני spambots, יש לאפשר JavaScript על-מנת לראות את הכתובת
-Professor Abi Minsky, Structural Chemistry Department, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot Israel  Tel:08-9342003 e-mail: כתובת דוא"ל זו מוגנת מפני spambots, יש לאפשר JavaScript על-מנת לראות את הכתובת
-Dr. Baruch Vainas, Nahal Sorek NRC, Iavne Israel Tel: 08-9434468 e-mail: כתובת דוא"ל זו מוגנת מפני spambots, יש לאפשר JavaScript על-מנת לראות את הכתובת

PUBLICATIONS :    Yosef Scolnik

“Subtle differences in structural transitions between poly L- and poly D- amino acids of equal length in water”
Y. Scolnik, I. Portnaya, U. Cogan, S. Tal, R. Haimovitz M. Fridkin,
 A. C. Elitzur, D. W. Deamer, M. Shinitzky
 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 8 (2006) 333-339
(published as “hot paper”)

“Scanning Force Microscopy in the Applied Biological Sciences”
Z. Reich, R. Kapon, R. Nevo ,Y. Pilpel,S. Zmora , Y. Scolnik
Biotechnology Advances 19 (2001) 451-485

“Room Temperature Tailoring of Electrical Properties of Semi-
Superconductors Via Controlled Ion Migration”
D. Cahen, L. Chernyak, K. Gartsman, I. Lyubormirsky,
Y. Scolnik, O. Stafsudd and R. Triboulet
Materials Science Forum  152-153 (1994) 187-192

“Electrochemical, Room Temperature Reduction, Oxidation
and Microscopic Patterning of Multinary  Cuprate  Superconductors”
Y. Scolnik, M. Rappaport and D. Cahen
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 32 (1993) Suppl. 32-3, 683-685

“Electrochemical Reduction of the High Tc Superconductor
YBa2Cu3Oyo by Lithium via new compound formation”
N. A. Fleischer, I. Lyubomirsky, Y. Scolnik and J. Manassen
Solid State Ionics 59 (1993) 59-70

“On the metastability of left-handed DNA motifs”
Z. Reich, P. Friedman, Y. Scolnik, J. Sussman and A. Minsky
Biochemistry 32 (1993) 2116-2119

“Room Temperature Control and Pattterning of  90K Superconductivity
in Thin Films of YBa2Cu3O7-x via Oxygen Electromigration”
Yosef  Scolnik and David Cahen
J. Electrochem. Soc. 139(3) (1992) 171C

“Chemical Diffusion Coefficient of Oxygen in Polycrystalline
YBa2Cu3O7-x  at Room Temperature”
Yosef Scolnik, Eyal Sabatani and David Cahen
Physica C 174 (1991) 273-279

“Room Temperature Electrochemical Reduction of YBa2Cu3O7-x
Solid -State and Solution Chemical Results”
M. Schwartz, Y. Scolnik, M. Rappaport, G. Hodes and D. Cahen
Journal of Materials Chemistry 1 (1991) 339-347

“Scintillation Properties of Crystalline 9-10 Di-Phenyl Anthracene
a proof for triplet-triplet annihilation”
Yosef Scolnik, Gad Shani and Zeev B. Alfassi
Nuclear Instruments and Methods In Physics Research
A254 (1987) 389-392

Patent: D. Cahen, Y. Scolnik, U.S.A. Pat Appl. (7/91)


NRC Reports

New ways of using the Fisher-analyzer

Lithiation of Thermal Batteries catholyte

Development of analysis methods for constituents of
Propulsion materials.

Laser Ignition Survey


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